China, Britain to deepen economic ties

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with British Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond Friday afternoon, pledging to strengthen political trust and cooperate in a number of key areas, such as trade and investment.


Writers call for better understanding at BRICS Literature Forum

During the 9th BRICS Summit held in September this year, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for more exchanges among the people of the BRICS countries.

Hebei fanns winter sports passion in China

As one of the hosts for the Winter Games, Hebei has become one of China's front runners in winter sports.

New evacuation issued for 3rd largest wildfire in California

New evacuation orders were issued in Santa Barbara County on Saturday as the Thomas fire, which is ranked as the 3rd largest wildfire in modern history of the U.S. state of California, threatened Montecito, 160 km northwest of Los Angeles.

French president Macron celebrates birthday with panda cub Yuan Meng

French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday visited Yuan Meng, the country's first-ever panda cub, while he was celebrating his 40th birthday with family at Beauval zoo in central France, the zoo said in a statement.

China-Africa industrial cooperation in central stage at Nairobi expo

The inaugural China-Africa Industrial Capacity Cooperation Expo, which concluded in Kenya's Nairobi on Saturday, has seen a strong interest in Sino-African industrial cooperation.

China Tang tri-colored glazed pottery exhibition kicks off in Poland

A unique exhibition "Tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang dynasty in Luoyang, China" kicked off in Lublin, eastern Poland on Saturday.

Most Chinese cities highly ‘walkable’: NRDC report

​A latest report shows 95% of Chinese cities score highly on measures of walkability - how easy it is for pedestrians to get around during their daily lives. 

China’s Jia Zongyang claims gold at Freestyle Ski Aerial World Cup

China's aerial skier Jia Zongyang claimed his first Freestyle Ski Aerial World Cup title on Saturday at Freestyle Ski Aerial World Cup in Chongli district of north China's Zhangjiakou.

Overseas Chinese help recover looted relics from abroad

According to China Cultural Relics Academy, over 10 million cultural relics have been smuggled out of China since 1840. Many overseas Chinese have spared no efforts in finding and recovering these looted treasures.

Economic cooperation emphasized by Chinese, US businessmen in Houston

Bilateral economic cooperation between the United States and China was emphasized by officials and businessmen at a business gathering on Friday in Houston.

Hungary could be seeing a lot more Chinese tourists in future

Chinese travel platform, Ctrip, have signed a deal with the Hungarian Tourism Agency.

Best employers in China revealed

The annual "China Best Employer Award" was organized by Zhaopin together with Peking University Social Survey Research Center.



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"Naughty" elephant damages two vehicles in SW China
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