Connectivity: Zheng Xingli, a Chinese in South Africa

Zheng Xingli, chairman of the South African Enterprises Association, has stayed in South Africa for over 20 years. Being a successful businessperson, Zheng is now striving to give back to the local community.

Connectivity: Kagiso from South Africa

Could China's shared bikes be just as popular in other BRICS countries? Kagiso, a South African who visited the Ofo office, thinks so.

Connectivity: Shen Yi from China

"BRICS is the platform for the newly emerging powers in the world", said Shen Yi from China's Fudan University.

Connectivity: Samir Majhi from India

Samir Majhi from India has been teaching Yoga in Xiamen for several months as part of a one-year contract. "I have a desire to learn the Chinese language, so I came here."

Connectivity: Evgenia Drozhaschikh from Russia

This is the general concept of BRICS, to make the world fairer, says Evgenia Drozhaschikh, a new graduate from Russia.

Connectivity: Ridrigo Reis from Brazil

"BRICS goes beyond just economic and trade agreements", said Ridrigo Reis from Brazil.