Barend's Idylic Retreat

In Mogan Mountain, Zhejiang, a restaurant by the name of Kikaboni (meaning Organic in Kiswahili) has been opened not long ago.

Fighting, Food and Love

Vuyisile Colossa is a professional boxer from South Africa. He is also a Kong Fu master. He’s married to a Chinese and has set up his own club in Hong Kong.

A Gourmet's Journey in China

Zola Nene is one of South Africa’s best-known celebrity chefs. She’s a renowned food stylist and cookbook author, and she hosts her own cooking show.

The Flavours of Love

At the age of 21, while working at an Asian restaurant in Durban, Dilshaad Saib got to know a Chinese chef, David Guo.

Boerewors' Beijing Flavour

Renschi Weideman is following her passion in Beijing. After her husband was transferred from South Africa to the Chinese capital, she found a rather unusual way to serve her community.

A Taste of Zen in South Africa

Nanhua Temple was built 50 kilometers from Pretoria  in 1992. Together with religious beliefs, Buddhist meals were also introduced to South Africa.

Andi's Electric Mix

More than 15 years ago, Andi came to Port Elizabeth as a student. After graduation, he tried different professions before opening a restaurant.

Emma's Beijing Duck Night

Beijing is known for roast duck. But some people say the roast duck offered at Red Chamber in Johannesburg can compete with its Beijing peer.

Jacky's Authentic Chinese Restaurant

Zen Fusion offers an assortment of Asian foods. Chinese dishes are said to be the most authentic, hence have attracted a lot of Chinese visitors as well as local diners who look forward to original Chinese food. 

Three Generations -- A Chinese Family in South Africa

Upon retirement, Ni and his wife came to visit their Johannesburg-based son, Jimmy, who moved to South Africa to sell computers 20 years earlier.