China Plus Reports

BRICS Summit in Xiamen concludes with unprecedented practical achievements

This year's BRICS summit has drawn to a close in the southeastern Chinese city of Xiamen with a significant number of practical achievements made during the sessions.

BRICS in major role of global governance

Covering over 60 percent of the world population, the BRICS countries have put global governance on high agenda at this year's summit in Xiamen. 

BRICS sees tighter trade and investment interconnection

The BRICS business forum becomes an important platform for the five member countries to exchange developmental opinions and collect constructive suggestions.

BRICS and Belt and Road Initiative develop in coordination

Delegates at the BRICS Business Forum say the five-nation Bloc and the Chinese-proposed Belt and Road Initiative are developing in coordination, especially in areas related to infrastructure.

Expats in Xiamen weigh in on BRICS Summit

Expats living in Xiamen have expressed their opinion on the significance of the 9th edition of the BRICS summit currently underway in the port city.

BRICS Business Forum delegates highly praise president Xi's keynote speech

Chinese President Xi Jinping's speech at the ongoing BRICS Business Forum has been praised by the delegates, boosting their confidence to invest in China. 

BRICS rises as major driving force of global economy

Against a backdrop of a sluggish global economic recovery, BRICS is regarded as a rising power, capable of injecting fresh impetus into economic globalization.

Xi, Putin agree to enhance strategic coordination

Chinese President Xi Jinping has met with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Xiamen, calling for enhancing mutual support and strategic coordination。

China details agenda for BRICS Summit

Chinese authorities have unveiled a detailed agenda for the upcoming BRICS Summit, as well as the major topics to be discussed during the sessions, which start Sunday.

Globalization to be hot topic at upcoming BRICS Summit: experts

Observers are suggesting globalization is likely to be high on the agenda of the forthcoming BRICS Summit set to begin in Xiamen on Sunday.

BRICS mechanism to further boost trade co-op between China, Russia

Experts say cooperation under the BRICS umbrella will further boost trade between China and Russia 

BRICS cooperation to be wider, brighter: researchers

Ahead of the BRICS Summit next month, Chinese researchers have said BRICS will enhance partnership and attract more friendly nations under the BRICS Plus platform.

BRICS see cooperation potential in trade and investment: Brazilian official

Brazil's ambassador to China says he's expecting closer ties between BRICS countries and the sustainable growth of the bloc.

BRICS seeks communication on governance experience

More than 100 experts and observers from the BRICS nations have come together in Fujian to discuss issues connected to governance in emerging markets.

First ever BRICS co-production to hit cinemas in Sept

'Where has the time gone?', a famous poem by Walterrean Salley, now has a movie interpretation.

Five-country co-production receives nods during the BRICS Film Festival

The 2nd BRICS Film Festival has now concluded in Chengdu as one of the most important sideline events of the BRICS Summit.

China runner-up in U-20 volleyball at BRICS Games

China's U-20 national volleyball team beat Brazil 3-1 at the BRICS Games.

China runner-up in basketball at BRICS Games

China's national basketball team has finished as runner-up after being defeated by Russia.

BRICS seeks to promote interests of developing countries

Foreign ministers of the five BRICS nations are calling for further cooperation among emerging markets and developing countries to promote their interests as BRICS enters its second decade as a group.

China men's basketball makes debut at BRICS Games

China beat India 97-57 on Sunday at the BRICS Games in Guangzhou.