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China Plus Updated: 2017-02-16 19:52:02
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Who We Are

China Radio International (CRI) was founded on December 3, 1941. CRI aims to introduce China to the rest of the world, introduce the world to China, report global affairs to the world, and promote understanding and friendship between the Chinese and peoples from other countries. CRI is China's only state-level radio and television media organization specializing in international communications. CRI is headquartered in Beijing, China.

CRI has undergone a great transformation from a traditional single-platform media organization using shortwave broadcasts to an international multimedia entity that incorporates all mass communication means. At present, CRI uses 44 languages in its overseas reporting work and broadcasts a daily total of 2,700-plus programming hours. CRI has nearly 70 overseas, dedicated affiliate radio stations and 18 global internet radio services, and receives 3 million pieces of audience feedback every year. CRI has six overseas main regional bureaus and 32 overseas correspondent bureaus. It is a communication platform that incorporates the greatest number of communication means in China and includes the greatest number of language services among mainstream global media organizations.

China International Broadcasting Network, or CIBN, was formally established on January 18, 2011. CIBN relies on the increasingly developing internet and mobile communication technology to interact with a global audience through multilingual, multi-type, multi-terminal forms of communication, and covers a wide range of online audio-visual programs, mobile radio and TV, internet TV, IPTV, CMMB and other new media forms. The establishment of CIBN marks the all-round entry into the new media field by CRI that has a history of nearly 70 years. CRI has thus taken a decisive step towards establishing a modern, comprehensive and innovative international media group.

During the next five years and beyond, CRI will further accelerate the transformation of its media business and work hard to build itself into an international media group supported by modern technology through comprehensive communication channels. It will focus on new media as its developmental core backed by a solid financial footing, a large number of language services for a broad and diverse audience, and a powerful influence that extends around the globe.

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