China Plus Updated: 2017-02-16 18:01:33
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As part of the domestic service of China Radio International, EZFM (91.5 FM in Beijing) is the voice of a growing bilingual population in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities such as Xiamen, Hefei, Lanzhou and even Lhasa.

Broadcasting in the two most widely spoken languages in the world, English and Chinese, EZFM serves up hourly news updates from around the world, practical lifestyle and entertainment information, English and Chinese lessons, and music programs showcasing a variety of genres and styles from the English and Chinese music world.

EZFM is the most preferred radio broadcaster for many non-profit organizations and corporate social responsibility projects. EZFM provides a lively, positive and international lifestyle and promotes theatrical and musical performances.

In a highly formatted and commercialized domestic broadcasting environment, EZFM has always adhered to its social responsibility as a public broadcasting channel and also its belief in innovation. EZFM continues to set the trend for its listeners. This is why we say "EZFM - we are the difference."


24-hours on 91.5 FM in Beijing and on www.crieasyfm.com.

The following cities have full-time or part-time coverage: Hefei 92.4 FM; Lanzhou 98.5 FM; Xiamen 95.8 FM; Lhasa 100 FM; Shanghai 100.1 FM.

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