Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley under fire for denying privileged upbringing

China Plus Published: 2019-12-12 09:46:47
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Daisy Ridley, best known for her role in the Star Wars franchise, has been criticized on social media after she compared her upbringing to that of her co-star John Boyega.

"John grew up on a council estate in Peckham and I think me and him are similar enough", the 27-year old actress said in an interview with The Guardian.

Daisy Ridley[Screenshot: China Plus]

Daisy Ridley[Screenshot: China Plus]

Ridley was raised in London's affluent Maida Vale neighborhood, while her co-star and fellow Londoner John Boyega grew up in Peckham as the son of Nigerian immigrant parents.

When asked if she'd found it "easier to be confident and navigate her celebrity because of the privilege in her life," she responded, "The privilege I have — how? No, genuinely, how?"

The comment by Twitter user @martina summed up the criticism against Ridley, saying "growing up privileged isn't one's fault but choosing not to acknowledge it is, and Daisy Ridley shows it perfectly."

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