Traders sell T-shirts to mark Trump-Kim summit

China Plus/AFP Published: 2019-02-26 13:48:05
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The enterprising shopkeeper has several styles on offer, including Trump wearing a conical hat beneath the phrase "Good Morning Vietnam!" – a reference to the 1987 movie about a wartime radio broadcaster.

Another features Kim and Trump's faces above the word PEACE, which Duc hopes will be the main outcome of the leaders' meeting in Hanoi on February 27-28.

"I want to convey a message, through these shirts, that Vietnamese people want happiness, prosperity and stability," he told AFP at his suddenly busy stall.

Sales have increased five-fold since he debuted his Trump-Kim line, with each t-shirt selling for about $4.50.

Duc is not the only opportunistic businessperson in town. Restaurants and bars have been offering Trump and Kim inspired burgers and cocktails, and one artist in town has been churning out colorful portraits of the two men.

(Source: AFP)

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