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China's Old Summer Palace stones to be reinforced

​The surviving remnants of columns and gates in Beijing's Yuanmingyuan - or Old Summer Palace - will be reinforced to prevent them from collapsing, Thursday's China Daily reported.

Beijing to build its first off-road bike path in September

​Plans for Beijing's first off-road bike path have been finalized, according to the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport, reports

Old Summer Palace stones to be reinforced

​The surviving remnants of columns and gates in Beijing's Yuanmingyuan-or Old Summer Palace-will be reinforced to prevent them from collapsing, park officials said on Wednesday.

Innovative marketing draws younger audiences to Palace Museum

The nearly 600-year-old Forbidden City, once the exclusive domain of emperors and the royal court, has been using creative marketing and sales of cultural products in recent years to engage younger audiences.

Beijing Dance Festival: A sizzling treat in July

For 10 years in a row, the Beijing Dance Festival has been one of the biggest summer celebrations of contemporary dance in the Chinese capital. 

Beijing to have unmanned metro line

Beijing Subway will have an unmanned line, according to the website of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

Beijing releases list of top air polluting sources

Experts warn that air pollution is rising from vehicles and kicked-up dust in Beijing, as the city published its list of major air polluting sources on Monday.

Beijing uses technology to help shared-bike users create better habits

In Tongzhou district, 759 electronic parking stations for shared bikes have been installed, according to a recent report by the Beijing News.

Workers in Beijing: an acupuncture doctor

Wang Ying is the director of the Acupuncture and Moxibustion Department at the Eye Hospital of the Academy of Chinese Medicine Science in Beijing. 

AI set to drive development in China's catering industry

Artificial Intelligence looks set to be at the leading edge of new trends in the catering industry, according to participants at the 2018 Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing this week.

Beijing to build two intellectual property protection centers

Beijing will establish two intellectual property protection centers this year, according to the information office of the Beijing municipal government.

1963:1 odds or 4-year wait for a car in Beijing

New electric car plate applicants in Beijing will have to wait for at least 4 years to get a license, according to a new memo released by Beijing's Transport Commission. 

Beijing asks citizens to help clean up street signs

Beijing Municipal Foreign Affairs Office has asked for the help of local residents to help fix any grammatical English errors they find on street signs around the city

Messy trees to be replaced in Beijing

Beijing plans to use new poplar trees it has developed to replace more than 500,000 of the current trees, which release catkins in massive amounts every spring.

8th Beijing Int'l Film Festival opens on Sunday

The festival will run from April 15 to 22.

Beijing takes fresh look at bike regulation

​Beijing's top lawmaking body considered new regulations on Thursday that were designed to strengthen the management of shared bicycles.

SuperCello to provide an auditory feast in Beijing

SuperCello will last from April 28 to May 1 this year. 

Bronze relic looted from Summer Palace to be auctioned

A rare Chinese bronze water vessel believed to have been taken during the looting of Beijing's Old Summer Palace in 1860 has been discovered in Kent, southeast England.

Cultural inheritor revitalizes Beijing intangible heritage

Beijing trolleybus driver Zhao Wenyue, the ninth inheritor of the Imperial Academy Five Tiger Cudgeling Battle, is striving to stop this folkilore from vanishing and help revitalize it among people.

Beijing has the most young early birds

More than 60 percent of people born in 1990s do not get enough sleep, with those living in Beijing among those waking up earliest, a survey shows.

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