Opera "Red Detachment of Women" staged in Beijing

Opera "Red Detachment of Women" is staged at the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing, capital of China, June 15, 2017.

Beijing Stories

Beijing car owners awarded for driving less

Beijing's environmental protection authorities have launched a new campaign, "Driving one day less for the week."

Beijing's first maglev line begins comprehensive testing

The overhead maglev line, named S1, uses sophisticated systems to maintain an air gap between the train and the rail.

Reunion concert to be held for celebration of the 30th anniversary of TV series Dream of the Red Chamber(1987)

2017 marks the 30th anniversary of a TV series Dream of the Red Chamber (1987). 

Beijing receives over 4 mln tourists during Dragon Boat Festival

The 177 scenic spots in Beijing received a total 4.11 million tourists during the three-day Dragon Boat Festival that began on Sunday, the municipal commission of tourism development said Tuesday.

Life in Beijing

Beijing grapples with kitchen waste

Two large machines are buzzing and emitting a slight odor of fermentation inside the kitchen waste disposal room. The 40-square-meter room is in the corner of a residential district in Beijing's Xicheng district.

Excellent children drama works to show in Beijing in July

Around 200 children's dramas will be performed in Beijing as a part of this year's children's theatre festival.

Beijing drivers to face fines for not giving way to pedestrians

The violation will also result in a loss of three demerit points. When motorists lose all 12 points they must retake the driver's license test.

Woman detained for activating plane's emergency slide in Beijing

A woman remains in custody after activating the emergency slide on a Xiamen Airlines flight this week, reports the Beijing News.

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Opera "Red Detachment of Women" staged in Beijing
Stunning wedding fashion show at Prince Gong Mansion in Beijing
BRICS Media Joint Photography Exhibition kicks off in Beijing
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