Life in Beijing

2022 Winter Olympics stamps launched

​Beijing offered a special New Year gift for philatelists and sports fans on Sunday with the launch of the first set of commemorative stamps for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Beijing rolls out test road for automatic driving

​Beijing's first road for automatic driving testing will be designed in the city's southeastern Yizhuang economic development area, the municipal traffic authority said.

Beijing enjoys best winter air quality in five years

​Beijing is enjoying its best winter air quality in five years, Beijing Youth Daily reported on January 4.

Beijing launches its first shared parking project

Beijing has launched its first shared parking project in a residential community, to make better use of public spaces.

Beijing's first driverless subway now in operation

Beijing's first driverless subway line opened to the public today, reports the Beijing News.

Beijing launches testing base for autopilot cars

Shunyi District of Beijing launched a testing base for autopilot vehicles in the Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park.

Beijing's boutique bookstores

China Plus has visited several popular bookstores around Beijing recently to discover how they're catering to customers in today's online lifestyle.

Beijing Tianjin and Hebei jointly promote the development of sports

​In order to promote collaborative development of sports in the areas of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, a memorandum was signed in Beijing on Dec. 22.

Beijing improves travelling experiences of commuters

​Roughly 600 kilometres of sidewalks and cycling lanes have been repaired or improved in Beijing in 2017 .

Beijing gives green light for self-driving car road tests

Beijing traffic authorities have given the green light for road tests of self-driving cars in an effort to foster the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for mobility.

NRDC report evaluates most Chinese cities ‘walkable’

​A latest report shows 95% of Chinese cities score highly on measures of walkability, how easy it is for pedestrians to get around during their daily lives.

Beijing removes 14,000 signs to declutter urban environment

About 14,000 signs have been removed from rooftops to create a "better urban public space environment" in Beijing, the city management authority said on Dec. 8.

Beijing absorbs sponge city ideas

Beijing is collaborating with the US state of Wisconsin to build a "sponge city" by creating an ecological circle, from the removal of water to its sustainable return to nature.

Beijing's PM2.5 density down 13.4 pc

The average density of PM2.5 in Beijing from January to November was 58 micrograms per cubic meter, down 13.4 percent year on year, the municipal environment authority said Friday.

Beijing air pollution notably reduced in winter: environment minister

Air pollution has been notably reduced in Beijing, especially during the winter months, and the city is likely to meet its smog control target of the year, a cabinet minister said Saturday.

Beijing bans fireworks in city proper

Beijing authorities have passed a regulation that bans fireworks in the city proper in light of heavy air pollution and casualties caused by fireworks in recent years.

Forbidden City screens VR 4D immersive film

​The Forbidden City, officially called the Palace Museum, has recently screened a film using VR technology that allows visitors to feel as if they're walking into the famous landmark during ancient times, reports People's Daily.

Jing Boran Wins Best Actor Award at NetEase awards ceremony

Chinese A-list star Jing Boran has recently been granted the Best Actor Award at the 2017 VIVO NetEase Attitude Awards ceremony.

Kungfu actor Wu Jing casts in comedian Guo Degang's directorial debut

Chinese Kungfu actor Wu Jing, who has grabbed increasing fame and public attention for Wolf Warriors 2, is going to show up in a new film, directed by famous comedian Guo Degang.

Eric Tsang's new comedy 'Kill Me Please' to hit theatres in December

Popular Hong Kong actor, director and producer Eric Tsang's new comedy "Kill Me Please" will be in Chinese theatres next month.

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