Charisma behind China’s robust progress

China Plus Published: 2017-09-08 10:38:15
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By Yasir Habib Khan

There is always a reason to admire. My reason to admire northeast part of China was an informative expedition of Jilin Animation Institute (JAI) and Changchuan Satelite Technology (CST) Co. ltd and their motivational success stories. It was not basically a journey to just visit both the entities it helped me to discover how far flung areas from Beijing has been making their best strides touching new heights of advancement at national and international level. 

If asked what special China has to galvanize its progress, I deem it is result of visionary leadership who let every part of the country, mostly remote areas, to grow hand in hand. It is due to impactful policy and mechanism that those cities remained underdeveloped by virtue of different reasons in past have been receiving maximum resources to improve their high-tech infrastructure in order to keep pace with the world. JAI and CST are among those proven laudable examples that belonged to distant lands but they earned international plaudit achieving many feats in their respective fields. 

In my observation charisma behind China’s progress is that individuals and government are on a same page. One does not wait for governmental assistance to take initiative to put one’s contribution in national progress. Icing on cake is that government also senses its onus to support those initiatives through multi-faced collaborations, e-capabilities, human resource development and finance. 

[Photo: CRI Online]

[Photo: CRI Online]

Though it was my first experience to observe JAI like institute but the moment I entered it I fell in love with JAI knowing how inspirational story set off by an individual, how challenges were defied and finally how it rose to prominence rocking the world with one of the incredibly famous animated story of Frog Kingdom. 

Jilin Animation Institute is dubbed as cradle of making animation, cartoon and game talents.. In December 2004, it became “National Teaching and Research Base” by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.

It has come to fore as a private institution of higher education with distinct features that is playing a role of bridge between students and industry. It has signed lot of international collaboration with the Image Institute of Korea National University of Arts, Konkuk University in Korea, Korea Seoul National University and Zhou City University of Korea. 

During the tour, accompanied by foreign delegation I went through various details of JAI functionality and system of producing sketches and animated films. Professionals and internees had been doing their work in each section from lighting effects to processes of digitalization and filming. Some walls were dedicated for showcasing those pictures of individuals who matter a lot. A number of modals of famous animated characters made by JAI were also exhibited. Some artifacts related to animation business captivated visitors including me. 

In the process of briefing I felt to have developed a level of relations with JAI big hit animated drama film called “Frog Kingdom” released on 2013. As it became viral soon, the US had to dub the film and made it available in 2015. It gave me immense excitement when was introduced to its vial characters like Princess Froglegs, Freddie, villainous serpent Bestie and Boogie.  

Later we as delegation got a chance to visit Changchuan Satelite Technology (CST) Co. Itd. It was also a success story in the industry of Satellite Technology that brought tangible pride for Jilin. It enthralled everyone by emerging as country's first locally developed commercial Earth imaging satellite in 2015. It also sent into orbit a new commercial satellite to help monitor Jilin’s forest land. 

Hates off for CST that has ambitious plan to have 60 satellites operational by 2020 and desire to improve its tap consumer market base with commercial aerospace industry.  

(Author is senior investigative Journalist from Pakistan working for national and international media groups. He writes on economy, security, diplomacy, foreign relations, governance and other issues. He may be reached at

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