Daoli district of Harbin build intelligent community to serve people

China Plus Published: 2017-09-08 10:41:19
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By Yasir Habib Khan

Daoli district deserves for standing ovation for rendering meritorious services in developing the area on modern age trends upgrading people’s living standard in befitting manner. It boasts valuable projects including the Bund Harbin Qunli Wetland, wisdom community, home community health service center, Harbin innovative financial Industry park, Changling lake as Longjiang leisure vacation and Asia’s first large aircraft dismantling Base beating monopoly of Europe and America.

Our visit of Qunli stormwater wetland park gave a unique experience never observed any part of world. Perhaps we were first delegation that got honored to come across its breathtaking view as it is yet to be opened for public. Believed to be putting its great effect in maintaining the ecological system of locality, wetland park hosts more than 1000 different species. Its outlook signifies very clearly that park will add value to Songjiang wetland landscape. The project spanning a total area of 8.56 square kilometers. facilitates growth of natural native wetland plants and provide habitats for animals.

[Photo: CRI Online]

[Photo: CRI Online]

We were also exposed to e-community of Daoli district that has been transforming the life style of people. With putting in place an intelligent community service management platform offers convenience services, online consultation, information release, online processing services and more than 540 services.

During presentation, I became cognizant of fact that Tongjiang intelligent community service spanning over 1000 meter serviceable area is available for public transportation, travel, hospital, shops, hotels and others.

Being a foreign delegate what really impressed me was also Qunli home community health service center that was making endeavors to create a new pattern of community treatment with traditional and advance methods.

Uniqueness of this health service is that if patient is unable to come center, family doctor goes to patient home for providing health care. In 2016 Daoli district government invested 20 million Yuan on a group of health center that transformed into Big Mac community hospital. The center cover covers an area of 3000 square meters to serve 50890 population. In 2016, 18 community health service centers undertook more than 39 million medical treatment tasks that really made a difference.

These centers help reduce the burden on hospitals as maximum patients are treated at these centers and now big number of patients does not need to flood hospitals. Let me mention that in financial sector the Daoli district has been showing performance well. Recently, it and Everbright securities inked a strategic accord that included 10 billion Yuan. Harbin financial innovation industrial park built last August, CITIC Capital, Castrol capital, Jiuding investment and other domestic industrial capital at present.

The mayor of Daoli District Xiao Bin informed the foreign delegation “The core of economic transformation and upgrading lies in the depth of integration of two elements of the project and Finance.”

Changling lake teeming with lotus followers and wetland park that range 7 kilometers from downtown Harbin, stand out due to its location and spread of recreational resorts. Spanning over 403.06 hecters, Changling lake wetland part has lot to offer tourists. It has built more than 1100 square meters parking lots, 3000 meters pedestrian walkways, 500 extended meters leisure boardwalk with installation of about 400 solar street lamps.
In order to make fully use of natural conditions, good ecological environment and fish resource advantags of Changling lake, Daoli distirct holds winter fishing, ice fishing and tourism festival.

Without talking about Asia’ first large Aircraft dismantling base in the area, journey of knowledge does not complete. Delegation was received with warm welcome at the site. Being a one and only aircraft dismantling base, it has capacity to dispose of 20 aircraft in the year after production. Since 2014, more than 1000 airplanes have been recycled from all over the world.

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