Charisma of “Central Avenue” knows no bounds

China Plus Published: 2017-09-08 13:46:04
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By Yasir Habib Khan a senior reporter of Pakistan

Those who have not visited Central Avenue, a Western style boisterous corridor, of Harbin cannot claim to have born. Strolling into “miraculous street” surrounded by European-styled historical buildings usher a person in medieval times. It is a really a life-changing experience that sets the aesthetic sense flare.


With setting out exciting journey of Central Avenue, famous highlight of northern city and capital of Heilongjinag’s province of China, my first encounter was with live recreational show. Local and foreigners mutually had been participating in it enthusiastically. Declared as a national historical and cultural city in 1994, high-spirited visitors of various races, colours, ethnicity and cultural backgrounds had been flocking there to enjoy mesmerizing scenes of avenue.


[Photo: CRI Online]

[Photo: CRI Online]

The grand feast here featured European and traditional style dishes. Each food was so tasteful that it left lasting imprints on the minds. Their infinite fervor about China-Pakistan friendship warmed my hearts giving me a realization that love breads love.


Captivating voice ushered us to outside hotel and here begun enthralling panorama. Night life of Central Avenue was at full throttle. It was full of flamboyancy and boisterousness. Soaked with versatile music representing different cultures, entertainers had been wearing costumes of different themes.


In the backdrop of Russian and European architecture, heart-pulsating long street offered a good insight about eateries of Western fast food, Korean style and Japanese taste. It covered also fashion shops, leisure market, tourism, music, , offices, banks and hospitals.


The Central Avenue in Harbin, built in 1898 and spreading over 1400 meters long with 11 meter wide is really a worth-seeing place. Our journey ended at memorial tower built to fighting against the flash floods of the Songhua River. Once called as China Streets in 1900, Central Avenue has a great vibe to the world.

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