Tradition and innovation in Beijing

China Plus Published: 2017-09-08 14:41:05
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By Yasir Habib Khan (a senior reporter of Pakistan)

Fusion of cultural dynamics and high-tech modernity is the strength of robust success of present China. With each passing day this driving force is playing its pivotal role. As people and leadership is on same page, harmonization of ancient fairytales into innovative scientific development has been taking place everywhere. This seems to me has gone into full-paced automation phase and will never end.

Reason behind my such realization came into play with encounter of national new media industrial base in Daxing district, starlight studio, Beujing Kaku Cartoon Satellite channel, that are promoting innovative entrepreneurship. During interaction with knowledgeable people there, every member of delegation of foreign experts including me found great interest in the advancement of new media role. Seamless integration of Chinese new media platforms into oversees new media enterprises took me by surprise.


[Photo: CRI Online]

[Photo: CRI Online]

 What really impressed me was Beijing famous fashion park 751 D-park. I stand speechless when it comes to express my feeling about transformation of factory into fashion realm where creative people are producing their works for national and international markets. This is the place I comprehended how tradition survive with inventive dynamism. Here creative class mostly youth is free to play with ancient Chinese philosophical themes to coin state-of-the-art fashion products.



[Photo: CRI Online]

[Photo: CRI Online]

On the one hand mega structures, industrial parks, creative stuff are on rise and on the other hand Chinese traditional Beijing Opera has still its relevance. Charisma of old with new, in my perspective, is a example for world to follow.

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