High-tech Changchun and Fun Winters in Jilin

China Plus Published: 2017-09-12 13:36:03
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Hi there! One of Jilin Province’s most famous mountains is called Changbaishan which literally means Long White Mountain. This mountain is the source of a plentiful supply of high quality natural mineral water, and it’s also a famous location with skiers and snowboarders during wintertime in China.

In my diary entry yesterday, I mentioned that I visited the 11th China Northeast Asia Expo, which is currently being held in the city of Changchun, the provincial capital of Jilin Province. One of the highlights of that visit was the discovery of an impressive promotional stand to promote the winter activities of Changbaishan. The stand featured what appeared to be lots of snow, and standing on top of a small hill at the center, I could see a snowboarder clad out in his colorful winter clothing, which included a ski helmet and mask and he was also holding a large snowboard. At the click of a switch, snow started falling quite heavily, and the snowboarder appeared to be heading downhill doing all sorts of tricks. It was an impressive display which highlighted just one of the many winter sports activities on offer at Changbaishan Ski Resort in Jilin.

High-tech Changchun and Fun Winters in Jilin


I am an avid skier, so I found this Changbai Mountain promotion quite fascinating and I was also impressed by the ski resorts many facilities. In case you don’t know, China will be hosting the 2022 winter Olympics and as the event fast approaches, winter sports are sure to become more and more popular in China.


High-tech Changchun and Fun Winters in Jilin

I've always been fascinated by space travel and anything to do with satellites, and I’m also a big fan of films like Star Wars, the Alien series and the latest sci-fi hit in China called Valerian. So I was quite excited when I learned that I was going to be visiting the Changchun Beihu Science Park during my tour. The park is a relatively new venture, which has been created to attract new technology companies, drone manufacturers and industrial design businesses into one innovative area. The leading light in the park is the Chang Guang Satellite Technology Company Ltd which designs and manufactures a number of innovative products including high quality drones and different types of communication satellites. Yesterday, I mentioned that Changchun aims to produce a large variety of products and it would also like to develop its manufacturing base with more diverse industries. The Chuangchun Beihu Science Park is just the first step in realizing that vision for the future.


Story by Duggy Day/Li Tianbao.

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