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Yinchuan takes leap in industrial, commercial development

Yinchuan's fast development is expected to bring prosperity and development not just to China but the entire region and a sizable part of the globe. 

The China-friendly Netizens Tour of China Review Part 2

Picture the scene: I'm back in Beijing after completing a rather challenging 5 day trip across north eastern China. I've been invited to the official opening ceremony of 'The Silk Road Rediscovery Tour of Beijing Culture' with my friends in the China-friendly Netizens Group.

High-tech Changchun and Fun Winters in Jilin

Hi there! One of Jilin Province’s most famous mountains is called Changbaishan which literally means Long White Mountain. This mountain is the source of a plentiful supply of high quality natural mineral water, and it’s also a famous location with skiers and snowboarders during wintertime in China.

Hard to say goodbye to Beijing

Bidding adieu to Beijing incurred a heavy toll on my heart. Its cherishing environment, ever-greeting gestures, people to people china-Pak bond, living heritage, cultural fascination, modern technological advancements and top of them galaxy of new friends had been stopping me not to depart. The highest degree of care and love I received during my tour hosted by CRI Online had forced me to think to stay one day more. Whenever I tried to close my eyes, I saw lovely faces of Chinese friends to who I regard as my family asking me to defer the decision to return to my homeland for some days. But hard fact could never be changed and I had to leave Beijing to Lahore.

The China-friendly Netizens Tour of China Review Part 1

Yesterday, an epic and exciting journey concluded in Beijing! On August 31st, The China-friendly Netizens Tour kicked off in Changchun the provincial capital of Jilin in northeastern China. 10 distinguished foreigners from around the world were invited to China to take part in the tour to discover the delights of north eastern part of the country including Beijing. Members of the group included former ambassadors to China, senior sinologists and experienced journalists from countries like Albania, the UK, Russia, Italy, Portugal, Pakistan, France, Bulgaria, Israel and Vietnam.

Tradition and innovation in Beijing

Fusion of cultural dynamics and high-tech modernity is the strength of robust success of present China. With each passing day this driving force is playing its pivotal role. As people and leadership is on same page, harmonization of ancient fairytales into innovative scientific development has been taking place everywhere. This seems to me has gone into full-paced automation phase and will never end.

Charisma of “Central Avenue” knows no bounds

Those who have not visited Central Avenue, a Western style boisterous corridor, of Harbin cannot claim to have born. Strolling into “miraculous street” surrounded by European-styled historical buildings usher a person in medieval times. It is a really a life-changing experience that sets the aesthetic sense flare.

Let’s join hand with China to meet ultimate success

Let me hug Beijing. It is not a city but my heartthrob. I feel Beijing running in my blood. Finally we both are inseparable and all is because of flash flood of love, respect and trust.

Daoli district of Harbin build intelligent community to serve people

When innovation, heritage, quality and service meet, what pops up into mind is Daoli district of Harbin, capital of northeastern Heilongjinag’s province of China.

Charisma behind China’s robust progress

There is always a reason to admire. My reason to admire northeast part of China was an informative expedition of Jilin Animation Institute (JAI) and Changchuan Satelite Technology (CST) Co. ltd and their motivational success stories.

Observer’s closer eye on 11th China-Northeast Asia expo

First impression is always the last impression. This really worked practically when as a foreign observer I got exposed to grandeur of 11th China-Northeast Asia expo being held from September 1 to September 5 at Changchun, Jilin.

Changchun: heaven like land with loving people

This narration is not about a place in heaven instead it is about Changchuan, famous northeast beautiful piece of land of Jilin. With its unique traits and wonders, Changchuan has a lot to offer.

China's automotive industry set an example for other countries

Yasir Habib Khan, a senior Pakistani reporter, visits a manufacturing plant of FAW Jiefang, a leading Chinese truck manufacturing company.

Harbin's nightlife is vibrant & exciting!

Duggy Day visits the central avenue in Harbin, capital city of northeast China's Heilongjiang Province.

Jilin Animation makes a big impact, and a new wetlands park to open in Harbin

Duggy Day pays a visit to the Jilin Animation Institute in northeast China.

Greetings from sunny Changchun in NE China

Hello! How are you? I’m Duggy Day and I’m currently touring northeast China with a group of people who are collectively known as the China-friendly International Netizen’s Group. Yesterday, after arriving in Changchun, the capital of Jilin Province, we were kept busy visiting a number of interesting places, including the famous truck and car manufacturer known as FAW.

2017 China-friendly International Netizen's Group Tours NE China

Hi there! How are you? I’m Duggy Day and I’m from Scotland in the UK. Over the next few days, I’m going to be touring northeastern China with a group of journalists from various countries, including places like Italy, Bulgaria, France, Russia, Israel, Albania, Pakistan and Portugal and Vietnam.

Greetings from sunny Changchun in NE China

Greetings from a foreigner in sunny Changchun in Northeast China.

CRI's 2016 Excellent Global Commentator awarded

15 overseas commentators and columnists received award for outstanding and consistent contributions to China Radio International.

Could China lead the G20 in combating non-communicable diseases?

Addressing HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria has long been a priority for the G7 summit since it started working on health in the 1980s. It will continue to be a priority for some time.