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China's achievements in past five years lauded by foreign journalists

Nearly 50 journalists from African and Arabic countries were given a chance to make their way through "Five Years On," an exhibition launched this month to promote the achievements made in China.

Energy Efficiency Forum underlines US-China cooperation

At the forum, both sides agreed that Sino-US cooperation is essential to the low-carbon and green development of the world.

China's trade with countries along B&R grows fast: GAC

Official data released on Friday shows that China's goods trade volume rose 17-percent to over 20-trillion yuan in the first three quarters of this year.

Official: economic growth elevates China's strength, influence

Newly released figures are suggesting China's economic growth since the last National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012 has greatly elevated the country's economic strength on the world stage, as well as its international influence.

Foreign enterprises positive on Chinese business environment

A number of international business leaders in China are suggesting they've witnessed a number of positive changes in the Chinese market over the past five years since the last Party Congress.

China remains top destination of foreign capital for 25 years

The Chinese authorities say the country is attracting the most foreign investment among developing countries as it eases access for foreign capital.

Zhengzhou customs to promote central China's opening-up

Since the implementation of nationwide customs clearance procedures in July, suggestions are that imports and exports have been increasing rapidly through Zhengzhou Customs in Henan's provincial capital.

China's FAST telescope finds two pulsars during trial operation

China's National Astronomical Observatories announces on Tuesday that China-based FAST, the world's largest single-dish radio telescope has identified two pulsars.

China concentrates on sci-tech innovation

A research report suggests China's new economy will account for an estimated 12 percent of the country's annual GDP this year.

Construction of Beijing's sub-center in Tongzhou runs smoothly

Officials in-charge of building a new municipal government sub-district in the suburbs of Beijing are suggesting the work on creating the new administrative center is progressing quickly. 

Weihai overcomes water shortage on road to sustainable development

Weihai on the eastern coast of China has been described as one of the most livable cities in the world, thanks to its environment.

​Small village in China takes a modern look

China's anti poverty campaign and increasing urbanization have brought huge challenges to the country's rural areas.

China on its way to promote ecological civilization

For the past 5 years, the world's second largest economy has been trying to repair its environment, once contaminated due to unsustainable development.

​Quantum satellite to conduct more experiments in future: scientist

Chinese scientists say they've successfully completed all their planned experiments with the world's first quantum satellite a year ahead of schedule. 

China's Left Behind kids given a helping hand

"The Bean Sprout's Volunteer Service's mission is to ensure everyone grows up with a Bean Sprout friend."

China, U.S. embark on one-year action plan

China and the United States have concluded their first Comprehensive Economic Dialogue and announced to start a one-year action plan to further expand their cooperation. 

Chinese rail system to accommodate online food deliveries

The Zhengzhou East Railway Station is set to become one of several train stations in China to allow online meal services for train travelers starting July 17, 2017, reports the Zhengzhou Evening News.

China's high-speed rail through international eyes

In a recent poll of young people, China's High Speed Railways was voted the Chinese souvenir' they most wanted to take home.

China's major ultra-high voltage transmission lines in smooth operation

Currently there are about 30,000 kilometers of ultra-high voltage power transmission lines under construction and in operation in China.

China steadily moves ahead in global innovation rankings

As the first-ever middle-income country to join the world's top 25 innovative economies last year in the Global Innovation Index, China continues to move up the list, jumping three places this year.

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