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Judicial reform and justice

CRI's interview with Chen Junsheng, deputy director of the Judicial Reform Office of the Ministry of Justice.

Why is covering the 19th Party Congress in China so important?

CGTN America's New York Correspondent John Terrett talks to China Plus about his experience covering the Congress, and one important takeaway that he feels is important for the future.

Hello, I'm a CPC member

China Plus interviewed some CPC members that attended the 19th National Congress.

Mountain Library

Quyang Encheng began teaching in 1964. After retiring, he gathered 30,000 yuan to buy cabinets and bookshelves to make a library for the left-behind children.

Friend of Birds

Since 1996, Friends of Nature Wild Bird Society has organized voluntary bird watching activities, setting an example of bird protection, environmental education and public awareness.

Protecting mountain children

Wang Chunsheng is a doctor in Xi’an County, Henan Province. His job is vaccinating children living in mountainous areas. 

Guardians of the Forest

Beijing Changping District Forest Fire Control Brigade helps to protect the forest and create a good environment for future generations.

Video: A Bite of China: A lamb specialty made for temple fairs

A Bite of China: A lamb specialty made for temple fairs in Yanchi country, Ningxia 

Interesting Things Along the Maritime Route

​Join us for another edition of Travelling with STU-pid as we take a trip to a seafood market in Fuzhou, Fujian, and take a look at some of the interesting things you can find along the 21st Century Maritime Silk Route Economic Belt.

All the Tea in China!

​Join us for another edition of Travelling with STU-pid as we go in search of all the tea in China. Granted, we ended up settling for jasmine tea but we did a pretty good job of trying to drink it all.

Tea planters out of poverty

​The tea planter, Wang Mingjiang shares his story of coming out of poverty in his hometown, Xiadang Township of Fujian Province of China.

Little Big China - Community Care

By 2020, China's senior population is expected to reach 225 million. Guan Mucun, an NPC deputy from Tianjin and a renowned Chinese singer, sees a solution in building stronger communities that can cater towards this population.