'Cold War' mentality for US to play up 'Chinese military threat': MND

China's Ministry of National Defense said it was "Cold War" mentality for the United States to play up the so-called "Chinese military threat"; the synopsis of the 2018 National Defense Strategy released by the US was full of unreal assertions of "zero-sum" games and confrontations.


China's maritime economy expands by 7.5 pct in recent five years

The gross production value of China's maritime industry grew by 7.5 percent annually on average in the past five years, accounting for nearly 10 percent of the country's GDP. 

China to hold international AI competition

China will hold an international artificial intelligence (AI) competition in February this year, with prize money totalling 5 million yuan (about 781,000 U.S. dollars), the organizer said Sunday.

Zhejiang Greentown signs South African international

China League club Zhejiang Greentown announced that they had reached a deal with South African international Dino Ndlovu in Hangzhou on Saturday. 

Chinese internet court proposes online ID system

China's first court specializing in internet-related cases plans to propose a national online ID system for filing legal email and confirming the identity of litigants, according to the court official.

Illegal drone flights raise concerns

Chinese civil aviation industry insiders have called for tighter regulation on illegal drone flights, as the country has become the world's largest manufacturer of consumer drones.

WeChat opens its first unmanned store in Shanghai

China's largest social media platform WeChat has opened its first unmanned store in Shanghai. Snacks, beverages, coffee, clothing, household items, flowers and even a bike are available at the store.

Women's March movement sweeps across North America's major cities

Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in North American cities over the weekend in this year's Women's March to fight for women's empowerment and their legitimate rights.

China invites global bids to develop world-class dinosaur theme park

China Saturday announced the opening of a global bidding process to create a dinosaur theme park at the site of a world-class dinosaur fossil cluster in Yunyang County, southwest China's Chongqing Municipality.

Chinese pottery maker fools Japanese antique connoisseur with imitation

A teacup deemed to be worth 1.4 million yuan (about 220,000 US dollars) by an antique identification show in Japan has turned out to be an imitation from a Chinese pottery maker. 

Waiter performs stunning card-throwing feats

A waiter from a restaurant in east China's Shandong province has shown how he can pop balloons and slice cucumbers with playing cards.

China's ride-hailing giant DiDi pledges to think big in Brazil

Chinese ride-hailing giant DiDi has taken steps to grow its business in Brazilian markets, where the company acquired a home-grown counterpart called 99 earlier this month.

Deadly siege on luxury Afghan hotel ends, 9 people killed

A deadly siege on a luxury hotel in Afghanistan was over on Sunday after almost 12-hour fighting between security forces and the attackers, leaving nine people dead including four attackers, the Interior Ministry said.



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