How to avoid becoming an 'oil middle-aged man'?

China Plus Published: 2018-01-04 16:53:41
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[Photo: from VCG]

[Photo: from VCG]

Not too long ago, controversial writer Feng Tang stirred the flames on the internet and social media by giving 10 pieces of advice to his peers in a story named How to Avoid Becoming a Greasy and Creepy Middle Aged Man.

The first is to eat less and lose weight. In Feng's eyes, being fat is the reason why middle aged men have a "greasy" look.

Soon, the word "greasy" became a hit on the internet. Similar advice for women about "not being greasy" also popped up.

Discussions about men's looks also were sparked on the internet and social media.

Some said they believe that Chinese men may have too much confidence in themselves to care about their appearance, especially in a new era when women's social status keeps on rising, men's looks were given more attention.

A recent article by commented, "a healthy diet and regular exercise are necessary at any age", and "dressing appropriately and having a clean and fresh look also is a way to show respect to people around us". The article also gives out some tips that a man needs if he wants to have a clean look all year around.

[The audio clip is from Studio+, produced by CRI] 

(News source: China Daily)

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