Peter Callesen the man who creates the White Worlds with paper

China Plus Published: 2018-01-05 18:21:04
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Interview with Peter Callesen

Peter Callesen the man who creates white world with papers

[Photo: courtesy of Peter Callesen]

Peter Callesen is renowned for his talent in combining the minimalism of a big crisp white sheet of paper with the complexity of meticulously cut and folded paper and uses the two to build out some aesthetically pleasing compositions. He works with white paper in different objects, paper cuts, installations and performances. 

Callesen starts off with a sheet of A4 paper as his blank canvas and then "cuts" away the figures and objects to transform a simple sheet of paper into a three dimensional environment that explores the underlying themes of tragic and romance.

Now this renowned artist has come to town, all ready to open his exhibition, titled "White Worlds" at the 798 international arts district this Saturday. Just before the official opening of the exhibition, we have the pleasure of inviting the artist to join us on line to introduce us into his paper cutting world, and his upcoming exhibition in Beijing.

Danish artist charts a new path for paper cutting art

[Photo: courtesy of Peter Callesen]

1. To the general public, you're an artist who magically transforms the plain A4 sheets of paper into thought provoking 3D artworks. Would you like to introduce to some of our listeners who are not yet familiar with how you create your paper cuts?

2. What made you interested in paper cutting in the first place? Is your background in architecture has a role in your unique paper cutting style?

3. Why do you choose to make your artworks with plain A4 sheet of papers? And why white papers? What's so special about the whitepaper? What do you want to express through white sheets of paper?

4. Do you use only one piece of paper or more than one for a single piece of artwork?

5. How long does it take for you to finish one piece of work, the creative thinking stage, and mental designing process included? And how would you respond to people who wonders "How did the guy come up with such clever ideas?"

6. You once said, there's "an aspect of something tragic in many of the cuts". Why so? Are you a pessimistic kind of person? What message do you want to convey to the viewers?

Danish artist charts a new path for paper cutting art

[Photo: courtesy of Peter Callesen]

7. Is there a main theme, or recurring themes that run through your works?

8. Speaking of your work "The Lost Sheep", what message do you want your audiences to walk away with? What was on your mind when you created that piece?

9. About your works that takes inspiration from fairy tales, how do you want your audience to interpret those works? Do you think they will automatically get your message?

10. Callesen, you are here to open your paper cut exhibition titled White Worlds in Beijing. Tell us a bit about your exhibition. How many works and what art works can we expect to see at this exhibition?

11. Have you received any comments about your artwork yet from the locals?

12. In China we also have paper cut masters. They also rely just on either a pair of scissors or a cutting knife to make beautiful paper cuts, such as birds, flowers, complicated Chinese ancient characters, and even great Chinese beauties, with every piece of their hair can be seen vividly. Have you seen their works or met with any such masters? How do you compare your work with theirs?

Danish artist charts a new path for paper cutting art

[Photo: courtesy of Peter Callesen]

13. Apart from paper cuts, you also work with a variety of other media including installations, performances, and monoprints. I wonder whether you also mix your passion for paper and your unique artistic expression that we often find in your paper cuts into those other forms of art as well?

The White Worlds' exhibition will be held at the Danish Cultural Center at the 798 International Arts District in Beijing. It runs from January 6th to March 4th.

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