No place for gaming-addicted students in Chinese dorm life

China Plus Published: 2018-01-10 16:48:59
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[Photo: from VCG]

[Photo: from VCG]

A college in Shenyang that banned its entire student body from playing computer games made headlines for its controversial policy. Starting in January, the school said that students may no longer log on to gaming sites via its campus internet server between 11 pm and 6 am, Sunday through Thursday, to ensure that "they get enough rest and have enough energy for the next day's studies."

The new regulation was met with polarized feedback from Chinese netizens. While supporters said the policy will benefit those who don't play computer games from being interrupted by those who do. However, some netizens are against the decision claim that students should be left on their own to decide how to arrange their time wisely. Some even pointed out that this regulation may accidentally benefit net cafes near the campus.  

[The audio clip is from Studio+, produced by CRI] 

(News source: Glaobal Times)

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