An art exhibition by autistic children

China Plus China Plus Published: 2019-07-26 16:26:49
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A drawing titled the Cat Cleopatra by Li Haoming is shown at the art exhibition held by the Beijing Art Actually Development Centre. [Photo: by courtesy of Ishihara Rika ]

They are known as the children of the stars, which is also the name of a 2007 documentary about children with autism in China. Suffering from autism spectrum disorder, they may have difficulties with language or social skills, or exhibit limited, repetitive patterns of behaviour. But although verbal self-expression and language is often difficult for children with autism, they tend to find it more natural to express themselves without words, in the form of art.

Hello and welcome to Selfie. I'm Manling. In the past twelve years, a non-government organization, the Beijing Art Actually Development Centre, has committed itself to the promotion of art therapy for autistic children in China. From April this year to April next, an art exhibition with works by autistic children will be shown in 100 cities around the nation. Wang Lei reports.

For more information, please click the audio above to find out more about the art exhibition by autistic children.

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