Is it a chance to become a superstar or fall for a scam?

By Chen Ziqi China Plus Published: 2017-05-15 20:18:26
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Speakers: Heyang, Ryan Price, and Niu Honglin



A few fashionable girls were stopped by self-proclaimed photographers and offered positions of part-time models in Three Li Village, or Sanlitun in Chinese. Sunlitun is well-known as popular bar streets and it is a destination for shopping, dining and entertainment. Are these girls lucky to meet talent agencies and will become super star in the near future? 

Unfortunately, it turns out that over 30 young girls reported that they fell for a scam and a certain amount of money was lost. They said a couple of days after photos were taken, they received phone calls from the agency. They were told that their photos could be published on a fashion magazine if they would like to pay certain amount of fees. It comes to light that the so-called fashion magazine has no ISSN 

Why do so many girls become victims? Is it because they are too eager to become celebrities? Listen to the show and find out the mentality of these young girls.  

The audio clip is from Round Table, produced by CRI. 

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