Seven video websites to improve Chinese proficiency

China Plus Published: 2018-01-11 16:41:25
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[Photo: from VCG]

[Photo: from VCG]

If you have been wondering 'how on earth can I learn mandarin and become fluent?' Most people will tell you that in order to learn Chinese; you need to make Chinese friends. While having real life friends in order to practice Chinese is essential, it's not all it takes. This is because your Chinese friends will not always be there at all times when you are in the mood to learn Chinese. So what, then, is an alternative way to learn Chinese? My answer is Chinese movies.

Most expats can testify to this. The advantage movies have over classroom learning is that it works on your listening ability. The good thing is that we don't really need to understand the language to enjoy the movies. The action in the movie can tell us what the actors are saying. Now this may not happen immediately, but with time it will.

To help you on your quest to improve your Chinese proficiency, here are seven websites to watch Chinese and foreign movies. To know the details, listen to the show and find out more. 

[The audio clip is from Studio+, produced by CRI] 

(News source: China Whisper)

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