Foreigners in Shanghai fond of city's food delivery industry

China Plus Published: 2018-04-12 16:58:06
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According to BigData-Research, a Chinese research institute of data analysis, the trade volume of the takeaway food industry reached over 200 billion yuan ($31.81 billion) in 2017, with the number of users at 300 million. With the continuous development of China's economy, more foreigners are coming to China to study or work, causing them to order more takeout food than at home.

What do they think of the food delivery service? The Global Times asked some foreigners in Shanghai about their opinions toward and experiences of ordering food from local delivery services.

Portuguese national Ricardo Baltazar, a university student, said he orders takeout food quite often. "I'm a vegetarian, and luckily my Chinese level now is enough that I can just type sushi (vegetarian food) on local food delivery apps."

At night, Baltazar orders street barbecue, especially tofu and mianjin, a traditional Chinese street food made of gluten.

Rav Ravalia from the UK, who has lived in China for a couple of years says, "I order takeout food once or twice a week," "I ordered a lot of Dongbei [Northeast China] food, Hong Kong food and Sichuan and Hunan food because I like it a little spicy."

He thinks takeout food in Britain is very different from that of China. "In the UK, I think one of the most popular takeout foods happens to be Indian."

Italian Giorgia orders takeout food in Shanghai three to four times a week. She likes won tons and fried noodles. In addition to ordering Chinese food, American national Hannah prefers Japanese and Indian food services in Shanghai.

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(Source: Global Times)

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