Explore Beijing through local museums

China Plus Published: 2018-09-28 10:14:19
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Generally speaking, museums are great places to visit if one desires to understand the local history and culture in a short period of time. From the highlights of national treasures from all over the country to old Beijing folk culture, the museum tour in the capital city is becoming increasingly popular in recent years.



Museum tour is a distinctive feature of many tour packages in Beijing. The city has 179 registered museums, and people could find the most impressive relics and unique collections in this capital city of China. Besides the world-famous Palace Museum and its royal architecture of the Forbidden City, the bronze ware in the National Museum of China and the old Beijing folk art exhibition in the Capital Museum are also very attractive for visitors. In addition, private museums are also very popular in Beijing due to their enormous collections of artifacts and antiques. All these museums can offer multiple angles for visitors to explore and understand the culture and history of Beijing.

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