The way home: in memory of Nanjing massacre

This is a story about a mother and a son, about a man struggling to find his home.
The story happens in the remote mountainous village of Guangxi, in South China. During World War II, a young woman was forced into sex slavery by Japanese soldiers during their invasion of China. Upon finding out that she was pregnant; she managed to escape from her captors. In 1945, she gave birth to a child. Her family decided that the baby was innocent and that he should be given a home.

Shanghai orders checkout of juice vending machines

​Shanghai's food watchdog has ordered the operator of 120 vending machines offering freshly squeezed orange juice to carry out checks following social media reports of black residue and moldy fruit being found in the dispensed products.

Branding strategies for Chinese businesses going overseas

Branding is all of the ways a company establishes an image of itself in its customers' eyes, to borrow just one out of many of its definitions.

Is commercial health insurance necessary?

China's commercial health insurance sector is expected to boom with intensified efforts by insurers and the government to promote it.

Cooperation needed to curb game addiction

Experts and tech engineers say systems designed to curb Chinese young people's obsession with online gaming require consensus between children and their parents to be effective.


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Shanghai orders checkout of juice vending machines
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