British Library: people get pleasure from reading

Caroline Brazier, Chief Librarian of the British Library, told Horizons that "books will be around for a long time. And people will still get a lot of pleasure from reading."

Your attitude determines your happiness

The quality of our lives is determined by the attitude we have. You have the power to control your attitude and how happy your life can be.

User-unfriendly facilities cause inconvenience to the public

Netizens collect a number of evidences shown various user-unfriendly facilities all across China. 

Gates cramp style of Wuhan jaywalkers

Automatic gates have been installed at a busy crossroad in downtown Wuhan, Hubei province, to prevent pedestrians from crossing on a red light.

How can we deal with depression?

World Health Day is celebrated annually on April 7, marking the anniversary of the founding of The World Health Organization. The theme of World Health Day campaign this year is depression.


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Your attitude determines your happiness
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