Over 30% of imported condoms are not qualified

Chen Ziqi Published: 2017-03-07 17:14:14
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Speakers: Heyang, Ryan Price, and Niu Honglin

[Photo: Edited by Chen Ziqi]

[Photo: Edited by Chen Ziqi]

According to China’s National Business Daily, over 30% of imported condoms did not pass official quality tests in 2016. Brands that failed the tests included Okamoto, True Sex, Six Sex, JissBon, One Toppeak, and Donless. 

Key areas where the products failed to meet quality standards included durability, poor burst capacity, an excess level of toxic metals, and packaging that was not in line with the quality standards of the Chinese market.

In China, over 60% of university students use condoms as their preferred method of contraception. Unqualified condoms can potentially lead to unwanted pregnancy and STDs. What can be done to prevent these potential risks?    

The audio clip is from Round Table, produced by CRI. 

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