Why are strong women facing criticism in China?

By Chen Ziqi for China Plus Published: 2017-04-05 16:06:52
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Speakers: Heyang, Ryan Price, and Niu Honglin

Why are strong women facing criticism in China?

[Photo: Baidu.com]

Some Chinese men have commented on independent women, labeling some as 'bossy' and 'masculine. The opinion that "left-over" women are not married because of their 'strong personalities' is also starting to gain steam.

The standard view of submissive women being more desirable has changed over the years. Nowadays, the social status of women is comparable to that of men.

Do you think strong women are indeed tough and hard to get along with, or do you think the criticism of being a strong woman is inappropriate?

The audio clip is from Round Table, produced by CRI. 

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