A WeChat game helps prevent phone fraud

China Plus Published: 2017-10-10 17:22:08
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Speakers: Li Ningjing and Sam Duckett

[photo: from stock.tuku.com]

[photo: from stock.tuku.com]

Yangpu branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau released a new mobile game on WeChat to raise people's awareness of the potential risks of telecom fraud.

Players are put through eight different scenarios where they should make the right decision to prevent themselves from being deceived by scammers.

One popular trick utilized by phone fraudsters, impersonating someone's boss, law-enforcement personnel or government officials, is included in the game. If you "fall for it," the game will specify how to deal correctly with such a situation.

It is mistakenly believed that only the elderly are victims of telecom fraud. However, statistics show that just as many young adults fall for such scams.

The audio clip is from Studio+, produced by CRI. 

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