Foreign- style resorts attract urbanites to Moganshan

China Plus Published: 2018-03-16 16:41:20
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As China strives to achieve green growth, local governments at various levels are exploring different eco-friendly development strategies, and that includes the Huzhou municipality in Zhejiang province. 

Making use of the resources of Mount Mogan to develop eco-tourism is one of the Huzhou’s green strategies. Shanghai-based naked Group is one active player in Huzhou's green ambitions. 

What's it like to start an eco-tourism business in China as an expat? What changes have been brought to Mount Mogan and the local people by eco-tourism? Studio Plus’ Li Ningjing, Ken Smith and Lu Sirui spoke to Grant Horsfield, founder and Chairman of naked Group

[Photo:courtesy of naked Group.]

[Photo:courtesy of naked Group]

Tree Top Villa [Photo:courtesy of naked Group.]

Tree Top Villa [Photo:courtesy of naked Group]

Earth Hut [Photo:courtesy of naked Group]

Earth Hut [Photo:courtesy of naked Group]

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