A long day for the forest rangers

China Plus China Plus Published: 2019-07-12 22:22:48
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A team of Chinese forest rangers brave the rain while making patrols in the forest. China has more than seventy thousand forest policemen.[Photo: IC]

It's a huge treasure house of species. The forest in Wuxi County in Chongqing Municipality in southwest China has an area of 4.96 million mu, or 330 thousand hectares. The forest is also home of the highest peak in the municipality. But it's also a place that sees rampant criminal activities, like destroying forest and wildlife resources.

The muntjacs, together with serows and golden pheasants, are second-class nationally protected wild animals in China. [Photo: IC]

Hello and welcome to Selfie, the show that gets to the heart of Chinese society, life and the economy. I'm Tony Reid. In this edition of Selfie, China Plus's Wang Lei takes us to the forests of Wuxi County to meet the forest rangers there. Feng Jun is deputy chief of the Forest Police Bureau in the county. He's in charge of investigation for criminal cases. In his 32 years' work as a policeman, he has solved numerous cases involving poaching and the illegal felling of trees. Today we hear the story of a day in the life of Feng Jun and his colleagues. Wang Lei reports.

For more information, please click the audio above to find out more about the show and a long day for the forest ranger.

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