Ron Carter

China Plus Published: 2018-06-05 17:20:49
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[Photo:courtesy of Ron Carter]

[Photo:courtesy of Ron Carter]

It’s hard to say how much appetite there is for jazz music in China but, if the number of live performances in this genre is anything to go by, then it’s fair to say Chinese music lovers have developed a craving for this historical type of music; thereby attracting an array of music artists from every corner of the world who want to showcase what their music is all about to their Chinese fans. 

American double bassist Ron Carter is among the most original, prolific, and influential bassists in jazz today. With more than 2,000 albums to his credit, he has recorded with many of music's greats

In addition to scoring and arranging music for many films, including some projects for Public Broadcasting System, Carter has composed music for the 1987 movie, A Gathering of Old Men. This year he brought the stage to China where we sat down with him to talk more about his music during his Beijing tour.  

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