Gideon Bright Mwesigwa

China Plus Published: 2018-07-03 16:36:26
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[Photo:courtesy of Gideon Bright Mwesigwa]

[Photo:courtesy of Gideon Bright Mwesigwa]

From Uganda to China - Gideon Bright Mwesigwa’s story is a tale of many anecdotes of growing up in his home country, and of his life in China. 

In this edition of My China Story, he talks to Nillah Nyakoa about his desire to remain in the country even after attaining his original academic goal. 

He goes on to talk about his experiences coaching football in the capital Beijing, and gives his overall views on the growth of the soccer as a national sport in China and what it would take for the country to dominate on a global stage. And of course, if he had a Chrystal ball, who does he see winning the 2018 World cup?

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