Maurizia Galvan

China Plus Published: 2019-08-22 10:17:05
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[Photo courtesy of Maurizia Galvan]

[Photo courtesy of Maurizia Galvan]

Wine is known to be one of the most complex, varied and nuanced drinks in the world that have increasingly gained popularity in China within the past decade. Alongside this trend, the country's appetite to refine its palate has also surged with many wine enthusiasts eager to boost their general knowledge about their favourite beverage.

Meanwhile, Italian national and wine connoisseur Maurizia Galvan counts herself among the many foreign experts today crisscrossing China in a bid to help fans learn more about all things wine.

In this edition of the program, she speaks with Nillah Nyakoa about her passion in introducing Italian wines to the Middle Kingdom – a market of aficionados who've historically leaned in favour of French wines - and her long-time fascination with Chinese culture.

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