Domenico Palasciano

China Plus Published: 2019-09-25 16:24:36
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[Photo courtesy of Domenico Palasciano]

[Photo courtesy of Domenico Palasciano]

From a tiny little city in the beautiful south of Italy to the mega-metropolis in east-central China, Domenico Palasciano is about to clock in two decades of his China experience. For 18 years, this Italian national has been living in Shanghai assisting Italian companies to set up businesses, manage, of course, Italian restaurants and for a fun-loving expat like himself, promote local events. In this episode of the program, Nillah Nyakoa caught up with Domenico at work at the Epicurean Restaurant in Shanghai to talk about his life in the city, and what it feels like living this long in the middle Kingdom – his home, away from home.

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