Carly J Hallman

China Plus Published: 2019-09-25 17:47:52
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[Photo courtesy of Carly J Hallman]

[Photo courtesy of Carly J Hallman]

In 2015 the BBC urged the world of readers to make some shelf space for Carly J Hallman's book Year of the Goose – as one of the best reads to close the year with.

Set in modern China this book was also named among the top seven books to read in 2015 by the Men's journal. Carly's fans and critics alike have also described it as among the strangest and most pleasurable reads they've come across.

Year of the Goose takes you on a cultural tour of a developing modern China.

Therefore, in this edition of the programme, Nillah Nyakoa speaks with Carly J Hallman an American citizen, to find out how she came about to write this material that became one of the best reads of the mid-decade.

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