China has 161,000 public charging piles

China Plus Published: 2017-08-06 12:44:32
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New figures show China has 161,000 public charging piles as of May.

The new statistics were released ahead of the China International Energy-Saving and New Energy Vehicle Exhibition in Hefei, Anhui Province.

Charging piles used by BMW new energy vehicles. [Photo: IC]

Charging piles used by BMW new energy vehicles. [Photo: IC]

New energy vehicle production is now sitting at one million vehicles per year, making up half of all new-energy vehicle production around the world. 507,000 new-energy vehicles were sold in China last year, said Xing Weiqiang, vice-General Manager of China Auto CAIEC Ltd.

It is expected new energy vehicle production will rise by as much as 40% in the coming three years, reaching 1.5 million by 2020, added Xing.

The number of public charging piles will also keep expanding to meet the increasing need.

The 3-day New Vehicle Exhibition will kick off on September 1st. More than 200 companies will take part.

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