Chinese investors take to Scottish hotels

Rupert Reid Published: 2017-09-13 16:54:55
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This is a photo of Scotland's hotel. [Photo:]

This is a photo of Scotland's hotel. [Photo:]

Investment in Scotland's hotels has grown six-fold this year. Much of that investment has come from China.

That's according to specialist publication Hotel Management, who report that the fall in the value of the British pound has been attractive to hotel investors, who this year have ploughed over £50 million into Scottish facilities.

As a particular highlight of Chinese investment in this sector, the publication picked Creation Gem International's purchase of The Isle of Eriska Hotel and Spa.

The figure of £50 million applies to 2017 to date, and is already six times larger than the total for the entire of 2016.

Perhaps this shouldn't be a surprise, given that trade between China and Scotland continues to grow at a rapid pace amongst companies and organisations both big and small.

The first shipment of antlers has been made from Scotland to China, which could herald the start of an important trade.

Other than as trophies, and also as pet chews, antlers don't have much use in the United Kingdom.

This poses a problem for the country's growing venison industry, which is currently forced to waste many, if not most, of the antlers from deer used for meat.

However, they're an important ingredient in some traditional Chinese medicines, in which they are believed to help with a variety of blood and kidney disorders.

On a larger scale, an agreement has been signed recently to sell tickets to the popular Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in China via WeChat Pay.

This agreement gives Chinese fans of the display the chance to access the live booking platform in Chinese for the first time.

There is even an ambition to host the Tattoo in China by 2020, such is the strength of the partnership and the enthusiasm of Chinese fans for the event.

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