Germany set to host Chinese electric car battery firm

Rupert Reid Published: 2018-06-14 16:36:37
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Contemporary Amperex Technology is a leader in battery technology for electric cars, and is apparently planning to choose Germany to be the location of its first European factory.

Previously, it had been reported that the firm was considering three countries to host the facility.

The logo of Contemporary Amperex Technology. [Photo: IC]

The logo of Contemporary Amperex Technology. [Photo: IC]

The company already has plans in its home market to drastically increase its productions capacity of batteries in order to meet demand from manufacturers.

It is expected that any future European factory would serve the needs of local manufacturers.

The news is just the latest example of Chinese automotive firms looking towards selling their models and products in Europe.

We recently reported that manufacturer BYD had revealed plans for a new factory in Tangier.

The factory will build battery and alternatively powered cars, vans and trucks in the Northern Moroccan coastal city.

The choice of location is significant. Firstly, Tangier is only 30 minutes by ferry from Spain, and so exports to the European market from the city are easy.

Secondly, Tangier is already home to the Mohamed VI Tangier Tech City, a joint Chinese/Moroccan project.

European consumers look set to be benefiting from Chinese expertise in the New Energy Vehicle sector soon.

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