Tokyo court rejects Ghosn's request to attend Nissan board meeting

Xinhua Published: 2019-03-11 22:51:56
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The Tokyo District Court on Monday rejected a request and an appeal made by former Nissan Motor Co. Chairman Carlos Ghosn, who was released on bail last week, to attend Nissan's board meeting Tuesday.

Part of Ghosn's bail agreement that saw the ex-auto tycoon released from a detention facility in Tokyo last Wednesday was that he will not contact Nissan executives and others related to the allegations against him.

Ghosn, who was held in custody for more than 100 days on multiple counts of alleged financial misconduct, appealed the court's decision, according to his lawyers Monday, but also had his appeal knocked back by the court.

He was removed from his post at Nissan following his arrest on Nov. 19, but still holds his seat on the automaker's board as a director.

He believes that, as such, he has a responsibility to attend Nissan's board meeting on Tuesday.

Attending a board meeting, however, requires court approval.

Carlos Ghosn, former chairman of Nissan Motor [File photo: VCG]a

Carlos Ghosn, former chairman of Nissan Motor [File photo: VCG]

Ghosn was granted bail by the Tokyo District Court following his request being denied twice previously.

He is facing two charges of under-reporting his remuneration in Nissan's securities reports and another allegation of aggravated breach of trust.

Other investigations into alleged financial misconduct on his part are also continuing.

His bail was set at 1 billion yen (9 million U.S. dollars) and he was released under the provisos that he not leave Japan and remain under limited video surveillance at the entrance to his residence.

Ghosn is also only allowed restricted access to the use of mobile phones and computers under his bail agreement.

Ghosn spent 108 days incarcerated at the Tokyo Detention House since his arrest in November, but since his arrest has resolutely maintained his innocence.

He has stated that he has in no way violated financial regulatory laws in relation to reporting his earnings.

He has also maintained that Nissan incurred no losses from his private investment dealings that have led to allegations of breach of trust.

After being detained, Ghosn was dismissed as chairman of Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors Corp.

He was also replaced as chairman of Renault SA in the three-way alliance he created after he tendered his resignation while in detention in Tokyo.

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