Chinese peacekeeping force rescue 7 UN personnel

Guan Chao China Plus Published: 2017-03-16 19:11:34
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Tests conducted at the China Peacekeeping Police Training Center [Photo:]

Tests conducted at the China Peacekeeping Police Training Center [Photo:]

Chinese peacekeepers have rescued seven civilian workers who were trapped in a conflict zone in South Sudan.

The seven UN personnel were caught up in a surge of fighting in a border area on Sunday last week.

The rescue mission - by China's third batch of peacekeepers - was carried out under heavy gunfire. 

The rescue team even came under siege from militants as they were trying to withdraw, but managed to gain safe passage after negotiations with the armed militias.

The rescue operation has been hailed by the UN Mission in South Sudan, with one official saying that the resolute action of the peacekeepers and timely response helped guarantee the safety of UN personnel.

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