Chinese BMW owner ships car to Germany to pursue compensation claim

Zhang Shuai China Plus Published: 2017-03-19 14:25:39
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A BMW640i , belonged to a man from Shanghai, goes through customs check in Hamburg, Germany, November 10, 2016. [Photo:]

A BMW640i , belonged to a man from Shanghai, goes through customs check in Hamburg, Germany, November 10, 2016. [Photo:]

A BMW owner from Shanghai has shipped his car to Germany to pursue a compensation claim, after failing to get satisfaction from a dealership in China where he bought it.

7 months after buying the car, the BMW640i owner said the trunk lock developed a fault and he couldn't close it, reported Southern Daily.

After a quick fix at a BMW dealership in Shanghai, the man was told that the lock of the trunk was broken and it needed to be replaced. 8 days later, before the lock was replaced, the rods connected to the hood of the car also broke while he was using a car wash.

BMW China examined the case and said it believed the broken rods were due to human error. The owner insisted the retailer should take responsibility for the damage and demanded the retailer replace the hood as a whole and prolong the car's warranty period, but the dealer refused his request, only promising to repair the broken rods.

After unsuccessfully suing BMW China in August 2016, the man decided to ship his car all the way to Germany in November last year, to take his demand for compensation to BMW headquarters.

Responding to legal letters, BMW said it was not responsible for worldwide after-sales service and that it had no corporation relationship with retailers in China. 

Even so, the man reportedly decided to go to Germany again later this month to continue his lawsuit in Germany.

Meanwhile, BMW China has told reporters that it supports the man's decision to defend his rights through legal means and will watch closely to see how the situation develops.

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