Americans in China

China Plus Published: 2017-04-05 10:33:14
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Americans in China

Corey Meyer

Corey Meyer is a student from Columbus, Ohio. He studied political science in college and then went on to attend Yale Law School. Corey is on a break from Yale and currently studies at Tsinghua University as a Schwarzman Scholar, majoring in global affairs.


Corey Meyer says China is a fascinating and innovative country with a lot of opportunities. As a student studying global affairs, he thinks many Chinese students are going to the U.S. to study, while few American students have the opportunity to study and live in China. This is why he came to China, to see what's actually happening here. After he has spent some time here, he realized that China is not only about the Great Wall or the Forbidden City. He was amazed by the country's rich regional diversity, rapid development, as well as its friendly people.

He thinks now there are a lot of uncertainties surrounding U.S.-China relations, as China is going forward to be more open and involved in globalization, while U.S. seems to take a step back. 

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