Huawei smartphone blocks bullet, saves man's life, again

Jiang Xiao China Plus Published: 2017-04-18 21:02:47
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A man in Chile was saved by his smartphone that blocked a bullet, according to Chilean news site 24HORAS.CL.

The damaged phone is pictured. [Photo:]

The damaged phone is pictured. [Photo:] 

According to the report, the incident occurred in Pajaritos in Santiago, Chile. A young man left A bank with his two uncles after withdrawing 3 million pesos (178,500 U.S dollars) from his uncle's pension account.

As they were leaving the bank they were followed by three robbers.

The young man and his uncles were drinking coffee when the criminals approached them.

The young man was shot in the stomach during the robbery attempt when he tried to resist.

Luckily, he was only slightly injured as a result of the shooting because his Huawei Honor 5X was in the right place and effectively blocked the bullet. After the incident, two of the robbers were arrested and one is still on the run with the money. The Huawei Honor 5X smart phone was launched in 2015.

The damaged phone is pictured. [Photo:]

The damaged phone is pictured. [Photo:] 

A report by says that Huawei has confirmed the incident.

Apparently, this is not the first time that Huawei smart devices have saved their owner's life by stopping a bullet.

A businessman in South Africa shows off his broken jacket. [Photo: CFP]

A businessman in South Africa shows off his broken jacket. [Photo: CFP]

According to a report from Daily Mail, a businessman in South Africa was shot in the chest by two gunmen who were trying to rob him last year.

Fortunately for him, he had his trusty Huawei P8 Lite mobile phone on his person and the bullet once again proved unable to penetrate the sturdy casing of the phone. The bullet was blocked and the man was saved.

The Daily Mail quotes Hawa Hyath, Marketing Director of Huawei's sub-Saharan Africa office, as saying that there had been another similar case a few years ago, this time the bullet proof shield was a Huawei media pad and it saved the life of a researcher.

The damaged phone is pictured. [Photo: CFP]

The damaged phone is pictured. [Photo: CFP]

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