Heilongjiang family plea for relocation from accident hotspot

China Plus Published: 2017-05-12 15:46:15
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[Photo: hgdaily.com.cn]

[Photo: hgdaily.com.cn]

A family in Heilongjiang province has demanded the local authorities relocate them, while a solution is found to an accident hotspot.

Their home stands close to a junction with a highway in Lindian county. Drivers unfamiliar with the layout don't notice that the slip road makes a sudden right angle turn. Straight on leads into the yard of the house, reports The Beijing News.

The owner of the property, Xu Renxiang, told reporters that she has almost been knocked over by the cars on several occasions as they drive into the yard at speed.

48 incidents were reported in 2016 alone.

[Photo: baidu.com]

[Photo: baidu.com]

Xu added that the house is only a dozen meters away from the side road of the highway and contravenes road safety law in China, according to the report. 

Xu said that her family was not consulted when the road was being built and that no one took measurements to check it was a safe distance from their house. Xu and her family members have asked the local authorities to intervene on several occasions with no success.

There are signs of some progress, with the county government saying that it had applied to the provincial government to examine the layout of the side road, and the dangers it poses to the house nearby. 

Xu and her family members meanwhile have said they want to be relocated, and believe the local government has a duty to help them.

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