Chinese rail system to accommodate online food deliveries

Zhang Jialin China Plus Published: 2017-07-12 16:19:03
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The Zhengzhou East Railway Station is set to become one of several train stations in China to allow online meal services for train travelers starting July 17, 2017, reports the Zhengzhou Evening News.

A stewardess selling packed meals to travelers on a high-speed train [Photo: VCG]

A stewardess selling packed meals to travelers on a high-speed train [Photo: VCG]

Travelers taking high-speed or EMU trains will be able to order outside meals through the Ministry of Railways' official ticket booking site,, as well as through its mobile app and official WeChat account. Meals will be delivered directly to the train.

The ordering system will close two hours before the train's departure. After meals are paid for online, the restaurants have to confirm the orders within 10 minutes, or they will be automatically declined.

If travelers need to cancel or reschedule their trips, the ticket booking system will remind them to cancel their meals.

Zhengzhou Evening News is reporting that many restaurants around the Zhengzhou East Railway Station have already signed up to provide food delivery service, including Dicos, Xiaoji Stewed Noodles and the Le Dao Hong Kong-style Tea Restaurant.

The move to provide outside food services comes amid lingering complaints among rail passengers in China about the quality of the meals currently being offered on the trains.

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