Data theft criminals targeted by Chinese authorities

Huang Shan China Plus Published: 2017-07-15 15:13:13
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31 people suspected of personal data theft have been detained by the Chinese authorities.

The authorities warn the theft of personal information is rampant in China. [Photo:]

The authorities warn the theft of personal information is rampant in China. [Photo:]

China’s Public Security Bureau says it worked with law enforcement agencies across Beijing, Liaoning, Guangdong and Hunan to knock out a total of three criminal gangs involved in the practice.

In all they had stolen 2 billion pieces of information over the past two years including financial and social security details, passwords, ID card numbers, telephone numbers, addresses and other personal information. They information was then sold online.

Among those detained, a gang leader called Liu, who stands accused of accessing online information with the aim of illegally copying the bank cards of others, and carrying out credit card fraud.

Officials have warned that criminal activities involving the theft of personal information are still rampant in the country.

They say the crimes not only violate people's privacy, but may trigger downstream crimes, such as telecommunications and bank card fraud.

Investigations continue, and the clamp down on such illegal activity is still underway.

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